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# S H A R E T H E J O Y O F B O O K S
# S H A R E T H E J O Y O F B O O K S

Votes For Women 'Deeds Not Words' Greeting Card


This bold and eye catching notecard featuring an equally bold and strong quote from leading suffragette, Emmeline Pankhurst. 

"Deeds, not words, was to be our permanent motto."

This bright and eye catching design was created in celebration of the 100th Anniversary since (some) women won their right to vote. 

9.5 cm. (Height)  8.2 cm. (Diameter) 10 Fl Oz.

Our mugs are dishwasher safe - to ensure your mug gets the best treatment and the colours stay bright for the longest time possible, we recommend hand-washing with occasional dishwasher use.