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Free delivery on orders over £20📚
Free delivery on orders over £20📚

Discount Ts and Cs

Here's a tiny bit of information about our site-wide discount. Use the code PAYDAY20 at checkout for 20% off orders over £40. 

It doesn't combine with other discount codes, or with our 2 for £40 on Book Page Prints. The way the technology works means that it will override the 2 for £40 if you have multiple Book Page Prints in your cart along with anything else. It's up to you if you'd like to check out separately for the multibuy discounts or stick with the 20% off! The same goes for the mulitbuy offer on Christmas Decorations and Candles. 

The other product that is restricted by the technology is the Classic of the Month recurring subscription product. The checkout for this is separate to everything else so it won't apply. But you can get the set-length gift subscription for the same product. 

Any questions let us know!