Meet The Team

Louise Verity

Owner, maker, designer

Likes: John Hughes movies, cakes with more icing than cake, licking envelopes, the smell of old books and hoarding fabric that I will probably never use.


Printer, framer, art work maker

Likes: Eggs benedict, being by the coast, watching the Great British Throw Down, mum’s home-made preserves and Gary - my second hand dog.  


Artist, illustrator, creative mastermind

Likes: Poki - Hawaiian raw fish dish, science fiction and science in general, getting lost whilst travelling in foreign countries, making my own clothing of which is usually too ridiculous to wear out anyway, thunderstorms  


Organiser, book doctor, subscription queen 

Likes: Shoes, brunching - if that's a word - with a really good coffee, Pinterest, buying stationery that I don't need and colour coding everything I own.


Marketer, writer, lover of social media

Likes: Baked camembert, re-watching the same box sets over and over, my dog, the smell of rain and shopping for a house I am yet to buy


Designer, art worker, fudge connoisseur 

Likes: Fresh wintry walks, Loose Leaf Tea, vintage Mills and Boon books, Harry Potter fan fiction (guilty pleasure), superhero action movies and lazing about reading with my kitten Leeloo on my lap. 



Likes: Football (sports in general), days out with the family, 90's BBC comedy, and having a nice cold beer in the sun (when I get the chance!)

Chief organiser, office administrator
Likes: Eating out with my family, making jewellery (when I have the time and patience), and watching a chic flick with a glass of Prosecco in my hand.
Studio Assistant, Maker 
Likes: Soaking up the sunshine, listening to electronic music, backpacking through foreign countries, and having cheese and wine nights in.