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Book Lover's Tea Set Gift


This book lover's tea set makes a wonderful gift for bookworms and tea drinkers alike. Four packets of different bookish themed teas - perfect! 

Each packet of tea comes with four tea bags and a unique literary twist Your selection of teas will be chosen at random from our book lover’s collection. You can see examples of the tea in the product photograph. 

Your teas will come in a cotton drawstring pouch with a branded tag that features one of our favourite literary quotes from C.S Lewis. “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”

Our tea is supplied from our friends at Jenier World of Teas. Why not add our 'Book Lover's Favourite Things' mug to your order and make it extra special? You can see what it looks like in the product photographs.

Our teas do not contain any of the fourteen major allergens.

Our lovely friends in the EU might like to know that have managed to put measures in place to collect taxes at the point of checkout, so purchases from our Etsy store won't be subject to further fees on arrival in the EU. Not all of our products are on there because some are not eligible to be sold on Etsy but most are. 

There's more information about customs and VAT here.