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At Bookishly we love words and books just as much as our customers do. Established in 2009 by owner Louise Verity as a hobby, it quickly grew into a full time job and our team of one is now a team of eleven. 

We create a range of literary inspired products with a focus on sharing the joy of books, allowing our customers to live their best bookish lives and feel connected to an important part of their identity.

The collection features words and quotes from classic literature along with playful sentiments that any reader will relate to. The few products that aren't strictly bookish feature a core story - telling aspect.


Louise Verity is the owner of Bookishly, and lives in Northamptonshire. She likes John Hughes movies, cake and the smell of new books. She dislikes Marmite and ironing.


Thanks to @RoyalMail for the use of the photos they took of us. #royalmailbusiness