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Postman Pat Can't Live On That! #standbyyourpost

Postman Pat Can't Live On That! #standbyyourpost

Support small businesses and our striking postal workers by shopping early this Christmas!

Our latest delivery advice is here.

As you will know, the Royal Mail workers are going to be striking a number of times over the next few months in the run up to Christmas. This will cause occasional delays to us being able to post your orders, and there will be delays to delivery too.

The dates are ever changing as negotiations progress. The latest information will be detailed here. 

Whilst we want to be able to get your orders to you promptly, we are 100% behind the striking workers. Our business wouldn't be possible without the Royal Mail and the Communication Workers Union are not only fighting for the pay and conditions of the striking workers, but the future of the Royal Mail in its current form.

I spoke to Pete Bracey, one of our local CWU reps about the strikes and what it means for small businesses:

You can read more about the reasons the CWU members have voted to strike here. There is no other delivery service available that can come close to the service level and price of the Royal Mail across all the sorts of parcels we post, and we value this important public service.

I recently spoke to BBC Radio Northampton about how the strikes are effecting us and why we support them:

If you're here because you've seen the stickers on our parcels and would like to get your own printed, click here to download the print file! 

So far, our amazing customers have been incredibly understanding about slight delays to their mail, and we really appreciate that thank you! If you have a gift giving occasion and the strikes might mean your parcel misses the deadline, then we have made this free printable gift note to explain the situation and thank the recipient for their patience in the circumstances.

The Christmas delivery periods of 2020 and 2021 were incredibly difficult for our postal workers. They were true frontline workers and I know many of them lost colleagues to covid. No one deserves the kind of changes to their working terms and conditions that are being imposed. We hope that they are listened to and a really good outcome is found soon.

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Eleanor - December 15, 2022

Well done for your public support of the postal workers – one if the groups of front line workers everyone clapped for in the lockdowns and now being offered this pay deal… ✊✊

Edward Vale - December 8, 2022

Why is Bookishly taking sides in the strike affecting the delivery of post?

Dennis Charman - November 21, 2022

Very, very pleased to read your comments supporting our postal workers.
Book and coffee lovers as well as SMEs all live in the real world and a bit of patience and solidarity go a long way.


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