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The Famous Trio - All things Wuthering Heights!

The Famous Trio - All things Wuthering Heights!

The Bronte Sisters are the world's most famous literary family and Haworth Parsonage, now the Bronte Parsonage Museum, was their home from 1920 to 1861. Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte were the authors of some of the best-loved books in the English Language, many of which have been studied throughout the English Educational Curriculum. However, what fascinates us the most, is that even with world evolution and literature development, these novels still have the power to move readers today, because they are so relatable. 

Wuthering Heights depicts the famous idea that ‘love is pain’. Throughout the book Emily Bronte reveals an important life lesson that love is not sufficient for happiness and if anything, stirs up more agony. Whilst we feel it represents the selfish side of love, is this perhaps the ironic truth, and actually love can sometimes be dark and disagreeable? Don’t get me wrong, love is a beautiful thing. However, it is our conflicts and alternative interests that make any relationship interesting. It gives us a voice, a perspective and a personality. 

Another interesting conflict that we need to mention is the irony that Wuthering Heights was, in fact, rejected by many publishers. As humans we can only face so much rejection, and Emily is no different, however it's what we do with this rejection that allows us to grow and develop. Emily Bronte as a result channelled her boldness and ambition to publish the book herself. 

This went on to inspire many modern forms of art, even the musical genius, Kate Bush. If you haven’t listened to ‘Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights’ already, then please do. Bush wrote the song aged 18, within a few hours late at night on 5th March 1977. She was inspired after seeing the 1967 BBC adaptation of the 1847 novel. She then read the book, also discovering that she shared her birthday with the author Emily Brontë.

Which brings us to today. On the 14th October, the biographical drama film ‘Emily’ was released into cinemas all across the world. Written and directed by Frances O’Connor, this film depicts the life of Emily Bronte. 

‘The world tells her she must be quiet, obedient, dutiful. She certainly must neither speak her mind nor share her thoughts, feelings, and dreams. Emily though, is wildly alive. She rages with emotion, has a voice yearning to be heard, and her mind is overwhelmed by imagination. She has no interest in staying silent and doing what others want. And Emily is about to show you why.’

Rotten Tomatoes.

Have you seen this movie yet? Have you read the book? Have you seen our exclusive Bookishly designed dust jacket? Tell us what you thought about it in the comments below!

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