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Christmas Post 2021

Here's what the Royal Mail have said are the last posting days for Christmas delivery around the world:

Worldwide, non EU - Tuesday 6th December 
EU -  Thursday 16th December
UK - 1st class - Tuesday 21st December 

Most products orders placed before 11am will be posted that day, but there are exceptions! Please refer to each individual product page and the shipping page for more info. Clothing (for example) always takes a few days from order to shipping. 

Obviously the earlier you order the better! Delivery to the EU can be particularly unpredictable at the moment. 

EU/Brexit Update

As of July 1st 2021 the rules for shipping to the EU from the UK have changed. We have decided to continue to ship to the EU but please be warned that you will most likely be charge VAT and maybe some other fees when the parcel arrives, on top of what you have already paid.

As a small business we can’t afford to cover these fees ourselves so please do take this into account. This whole situation has caused us so many issues and taken up so much of our time I’m sure you can imagine that we are not happy with the UK’s decision to leave the EU. We love our European customers! 

It might be helpful to know that have managed to put measures in place to collect taxes at the point of checkout, so purchases from our Etsy store won't be subject to further fees on arrival in the EU. Not all of our products are on there because some are not eligible to be sold on Etsy but most are. 

Covid-19 Update

Our team are all back to work as normal, with good social distancing in place. We have much more flexibility with working from home now and this helps us to keep enough space for everyone that needs to be in the workshop every day. We are being cautious in order to protect our team and their families and we are keeping most of the measures we have had in place over the last year. We have enough space for everyone to stay far apart and we are all testing regularly. And we’ve all been jabbed at least once! 

Delivery seems to be good at the moment, although international mail is still slower than it was before the pandemic. Brexit has definitely slowed down parcels to the EU. 

Thank you so much to all our customers for your support and understanding through all this, we really appreciate it.