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Free delivery on orders over £15📚
Free delivery on orders over £15📚

Bookishly Poetry Publishing

Please note we aren't currently actively looking for submissions as this project has taken a back seat for now. We're leaving the info up here for reference.


We love poetry and we want to support new poets, so we have come up with a system for publishing that costs just £70 for 35 copies of your beautifully produced pamphlet. 

Heart Form by Keiron Farrow

Here’s the steps:

  • Submit your poetry by email to Please include at least 4-5 poems, any social media links and anything else you’d like us to know. It’s totally free to submit.
  • If you’re selected to join our range then we’ll get in touch and start proceedings. 
  • If you’re not right for us then we’ll let you know so you’re not left wondering!

The pamphlets are 12 pages long with a full colour cover, made from recycled paper and card stock. We’ll typeset your poems and create a cover that matches our range in your choice of colours. We’ll need a short blurb and bio. 

We want to be really transparent about the money side of things. The charge for this is £70. For this you will get:

  • 35 copies of your pamphlet, typeset, printed and delivered to a UK address. 
  • Your pamphlet will be listed on our website (for £5) and our wholesale site (for £2.50) - we sell to a lot of bookshops!

Bookishly Poetry Pamphlet

For every copy of the pamphlet that we sell on our main website, you will receive £1, and for every copy we sell at wholesale you’ll get £0.50p. At any point you can purchase more copies for £2 each. The initial run will be 100 copies so once they sell out we’ll decide if we’re re-ordering. 

Here's our poetry collection.