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Free delivery on orders over £15📚
YouTube Unboxing Videos!

YouTube Unboxing Videos!

A few months ago, we sent out some of our wonderful Tea and Book Club subscription parcels to a few lovely vloggers for them to unbox and review on camera. Exciting!

For those who may be unsure of this recently coined term, a vlogger refers to somebody who films and uploads their own, personal videos to YouTube.

Before we jump straight in, we thought it best to briefly explain what our Tea and Book Club subscription parcels actually entail! Each month you get sent the following:

-a vintage paperback

- some lovely stationery

- delicious tea   

You can find out more about our #teaandbookclub over on our website.

On to the videos! 

We thoroughly enjoyed watching all three videos and felt inclined to share them with you all. Please do go on over and have a look! 

Kaysia's video: 

We absolutely loved Kaysia's genuine excitement for all of the products she received.

Stephanie's video:

We love Stephanie's enthusiasm! She too seem genuinely thrilled by the gifts in her parcel!
Sybilla's video:

Sybilla's positivity is contagious! We loved watching her unbox her parcel. 

 A big thank you to all three ladies for getting involved.


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