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Tutorial - How To Make A Book Fan

Tutorial - How To Make A Book Fan



This book fan not only looks lovely but it’s also really easy to make and actually pretty handy to have around!

It’s able hold business cards or any small bits of post in general. It’s also super useful for holding those bits of paper you seem to accumulate over time; you know the ones you want to get rid of but keep ‘just in case you might need it’ one day? (hoarder problems).

Intrigued? Here’s how to make it:

1. Find a hardback book, preferably one you no longer read - it’s always good to              repurpose unwanted books!   

2. Work out where the middle of the book is. If the book has 500 pages, open it on page    250.

3. Work from the middle pages outwards: fold each individual page in half towards the    centre of the book.

4. Fold fifteen pages on one side, then alternate and fold fifteen pages on the other.    Continue accordingly.

5. Make sure the folds are crisp and lined up neatly.

6. Keep folding until you reach the outside pages of the book (or if the book is particularly  big, until there is no more room to fold!)

That’s all there is to it - a great result for something incredibly easy. It’s also not time consuming at all. The book in the photograph only took twenty minutes or so to complete!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave a question in the comments below or message us via our social media @BookishlyUK.

Thanks for reading! X
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Doris - March 24, 2018

Do or should the pages be sprayed with anything to keep them from yellowing? Should they be glued down for a longer keep? Thank you!

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