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Bookishly's Perfect Hygge Night In

Bookishly's Perfect Hygge Night In

Whether we like it or not, Autumn has well and truly arrived and as we wave goodbye to long summer evenings we welcome cosy nights tucked up on the sofa.

Recently, we've been hugely inspired by Hygge (pronounce hooga), a concept that was created in Denmark. Country Living Magazine sum it up perfectly:

Feeling of cosy intimacy and contentment. It's about creating feelings of happiness, friendliness and wellbeing within everyday life. It's about finding deeper meaning within ordinary life establishing a meaningful, mindful connection with the world. Hygge is not about grand gestures, but rather embracing little luxuries everyday in order to foster a sense of familiarity, comfort and kinship.”

You can read the entire article here.

We thought we’d use our Hygge knowledge and help you on your way to achieving the perfect cosy night in - Bookishly style of course. Here's our go-to guide to inspire you!


Start with a bubble bath, they solve all the day’s problems.

Put on your comfiest clothes; we’re talking about that old pair of pyjamas you’ve shoved at the back of your wardrobe because they’re so ugly. Forget what they look like, comfort is key! We’d throw on a pair of fuzzy socks for good measure.

Light a fire - mostly for warmth, but also for ambience. On the topic of ambience: the more candles the better.

Make yourself a hot drink: tea, coffee or go all out and make yourself a hot chocolate with all of the toppings (life’s too short to deny yourself squirty cream and mini marshmallows). 

Grab your favourite book. Whether it’s a thriller or a romance choose something you can get stuck in to for an hour or two. We love cosying up with books that are familiar to us, eg. Little Women.    

Find your warmest, thickest blanket and get snug in your favourite lounge spot; an old armchair, the corner spot on the sofa, or a comfy beanbag.  

Lastly, enjoy.

Sound like your ideal night in? Want to embrace the hygge lifestyle? Our Tea and Book Club and Coffee and Book Club are  a wonderful place to start. (A shameless plug, but oh so true).

We’d love to know your thoughts on hygge and whether our little guide has inspired you.

As always, thanks for reading. X

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