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The 4 Day Week - we're doing it!

The 4 Day Week - we're doing it!

Bookishly is joining 30 other organisations and 4 Day Week Global to trial a 4 day working week and give all staff a paid day off every week. We are starting the trial in April, and will be taking part in research led by Cambridge University, Boston College and Oxford University. 

I’m so excited we are able to be part of this trial and I’m optimistic that it will be great for Bookishly. All the research out there so far looks really positive and I think that this will be the future of work. I’m glad that we can be involved in the research paving the way for more companies to take this on. I’ve written about wanting to do this before and it feels great to be so close to putting it all in place. 

We are going to be closing completely on Wednesdays so none of us will need to cover other people’s tasks on their day off. The pandemic has shown us that we don’t need to post orders out every day to meet our customer’s needs. People understand that not every company can provide immediate delivery and some things are more important than that. Adding Wednesday’s orders into Thursday will be straightforward and still gives us time to get orders to customers for those weekend wedding gifts!

We’ve been planning this for a few months now, there have been lots of conversations about productivity, and how we might measure success during the trial. The idea that reducing the working week will focus productivity and actually improve it makes a lot of sense to me. 4 Day Week Global advocate for the 100:80:100 model - 100% of the pay, 80% of the time and 100% of the productivity. 

The benefits to the team are really obvious. One day a week less childcare to pay for. One day a week less fuel to get to work. A day to spend on all the life admin we have to do which keeps your weekend free for fun times! 

I’ll let you know how it goes! 

Here’s a bit more about our goals for Bookishly and how we try to always be a little kinder than is necessary: 

The full media release from 4 Day Week Global can be found in a document here.

Our press release can be downloaded here.
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Jennifer - February 27, 2023

It certainly will be interesting to see what happens! I always find it refreshing to see a company with so many women in leadership positions! Good Luck on your new endeavor!

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