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Hidden Treasures - Part 11

Hidden Treasures - Part 11

The best part of rummaging through our (seemingly never ending) supply of beautiful vintage books is finding the lovely treasures hidden within their pages. Snippets of the past, once forgotten or disregarded, are uncovered and admired. Here is the latest batch of our little discoveries... 


Love Letter

We found this love letter tucked inside the pages of a 1961 publication of Thunderball by Ian Fleming. Upon first read, we thought we were reading about a forbidden and forgotten love between a now married lady and her former sweetheart. However, when we examined a little closer, it seems that the individual who wrote this letter was writing it to Mr. Bond, and was doing so in the character of Domino - his love interest in the story. Here’s how the letter reads:


I wondered at first whether I should write this letter, but I know you will understand. It hardly seems possible that we could be so far apart after what happened.

Carlo is kind. Of course I love him, and the children make up for everything. But once in a while I remember… Our first drive… Our first supper together in the Casino! You ordered Champagne. And I told you about my hero - the sailor on the front of the packet of Player’s (I believe you were jealous!)

This Christmas we’re coming to London. I know you’re terrible busy, but couldn’t you just find one spare evening when we could meet and talk and laugh about old times?

Do please say yes. And don’t let that horrible old ‘M’ give you any assignment over the holiday.

I think of you -

Ciao, Domino.

P.S Came across this book in Nassan yesterday. You must read pages 152 - 155.


Child’s Illustrations

We found this lovely drawing in a vintage copy of Agatha Christie’s ‘The Thirteen Problems’. What do you all think?!

Colgate Voucher

This voucher dates back to the 1960s.. Colgate’s bold branding has clearly remained the same for a number of years!

Royal Postcard

This postcard is blank, and comes with the King George postal stamp printed on to it. From a little bit of research, our guess would be that this postcard dates back to the 1940s? If anyone has a little more knowledge on this subject, please share and let us know!  

Judi Hayfield Letter

A letter from Judi Hayfield to a lady named Anna. Judi is a very successful casting director with a long spanning career with Granada and ITV. This letter is dates back to the very beginning of her career,  and is signed by Judi herself. 


 Until next time... 

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