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Foods You Can Eat With One Hand So You Don't Have to Put Down Your Book

Foods You Can Eat With One Hand So You Don't Have to Put Down Your Book

Something a little fun and different for you this week! Our wonderful friend Rebecca has kindly agreed to guest blog for us, and we’re really excited about it. Rebecca is a book lover and activist from across the pond in Tennessee. You can find her little corner of IG here @bekrecka

Ok, on to the good stuff! Here is a list of foods that you can eat with one hand so you don’t have to put down your book. Thank you Rebecca for giving us the blog post that we didn’t know we needed. Not all heroes wear capes. 🥰


Veggies & Hummus / Apple Slices with Nut Butter - Pro Tip: Go for a creamy butter or you will need the extra hand’s help in spreading the butter onto the slice and we ain’t about that life. 

Pizza Rolls - Opt for the bite-size option here as opposed to whole slices. You may think foldable or small slices will work. You will regret this decision with your whole being.

Wine - What? It’s liquid grapes… Ok, fine. Actual grapes. 

Chicken Nuggets and Tater Tots - Fries (*ahem*, chips) will work here too. Have a small bowl to put your dipping sauce in so you have to break eye-to-book contact to chase it around the plate. 

Cookies. Listen. You’re an adult. Cookies can be dinner. Besides, you’re exercising your mind with that trashy vampire novel so that’s gotta burn some calories! 

Creamy Soup in a Mug - Tomato is best. Don’t go for anything with noodles, or you’ll end up needing a spoon hand. Pro Tip: Make a grilled cheese sandwich to go with it, but be sure to cut it in half first, so you can tackle it one-handed (and dunk it in your soup!) Oh, look! Bookishly has mugs. Bookishly cares. Bookishly wants to remove the stress from choosing between starving and finding out what happens in the next chapter omg!


(You can shop our mugs right here 😉)

Tell us your favourite snacks! Sharing is caring.

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