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Eight Quotes From The Brilliant Lewis Carroll.

Eight Quotes From The Brilliant Lewis Carroll.

January marks 138 years since the birth of Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland. Bonkers but brilliant, it has brought joy, in one format or another, to millions across the globe. We've picked a few favourite quotes from this wonderful story to share with you. 

First, however, we thought it would be nice to share a little bit about Lewis Carroll, or as he was born on 27th January 1832, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson - the eldest son in a family of seven girls and four boys. Despite having a stammer and suffering from ill health, Carroll excelled at school. In 1851, he moved to Oxford as an undergraduate where he studied mathematics. He graduated top of his class and went on to lecture in the subject.

Carroll continued his residence in Christ Church, Oxford and it is here that he met the inspiration for his universally famous novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: Alice Liddell. The story was born following a picnic trip with Alice and her sisters. Here, Carroll had shared a story with Alice as the protagonist. Alice loved the story so much that she asked Carroll to write it down and continue the story, to add more adventures for her. Upon completion, he gifted the book to Alice and thought no more of it. It wasn’t until  a visiting friend of the Liddells’ (an author himself), found the book by chance in their home and urged for the family to persuade Carroll to have it published.


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