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Educating Ourselves to Be Better

Educating Ourselves to Be Better

Not acknowledging racism, especially right now suggests that you’re okay with it. We’re taking this time to educate ourselves on what we as a small business can do to be actively anti racist, now and always.  

Our business centres around classic literature; best selling books (most of them British) that are in the public domain - stories that were predominantly written and published through the gaze of the white middle class. There is a significant lack of diverse voices across literature from this period thus making them more difficult to find, but we recognise just how problematic that is. We must look harder for them and play our part in amplifying the historical narratives that we’re less familiar with. 

We love classic literature and it will continue to be a core part of our business, but it is our fondness for books in general that we consider to be the true driving force behind what we do. Going forward we will be incorporating more content, albeit through social media, blog posts or product design, that we hope speaks to the entire book lover community. 

It is essential that we use our platform to ensure that everyone’s stories are heard, particularly those that we can learn so much from. 

We will always welcome feedback on what we could do to be better. 

We'd like to point you in the direction of this incredibly helpful document of anti racism resources put together by Sarah Sophie Flicker and Alyssa Klein.

Thank you.

Team Bookishly. X

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