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Bookishly's Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

Bookishly's Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

The Book Lover's Guide To Christmas... 

Christmas. For many of us, it means not only carolling and feasting, but a very real anxiety of present-buying. How to find something fun, but meaningful? Personal and beautiful. 

If you’re still scratching your head for present ideas, fear not. Bookishly have you covered. From charming stocking fillers, to heartfelt, personal gifts, there's something for everybody. Whether they're a serial book-binger, or devoted sribbler or maybe they're really into their home interiors? Bookishly has plenty of gifts that are certain to delight. 

So if you're stuck for a gift for a certain someone, or want to simplify your life and get all of your shopping done in one place, we have the answer. Here's a list of our top twenty picks to cover the special people in your life. 


 1. Your Bestie. 

Shakespeare 'Friendship Is Constant' Quote - Framed Floral Mini Print : £19.95

Shakespeare was right about a lot of things, not least the power and importance of a good friendship. From Much Ado About Nothing, a play in which friendships are pushed to their limits but which ultimately win the day, this quote is perfect for your favourite pal. Perhaps for a friend you see everyday without fail, or maybe for someone you've not seen in years but means just as much. This lovely floral print will remind your friend just how much they are cherished. 

 2. The Traveller. 

Tolkien 'Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost' Travel Quote - Framed Book Print: £19.95

For the person in your life brimming with wanderlust. Who, as soon as they back from one trip, are already planning their next adventure. This meaningful quote on the importance of travel is taken from a poem in The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring. A print that is sure to add a touch of sophistication to any wall, bookshelf, or mantlepiece. 

3. The Newlyweds. 

Personalised Star Map Print - White + Gold Foil Wedding Gift: £46. 

With wedding over and done with, it's unlikely that the happy couple will be requiring any more teatowels or casserole dishes. So, why not offer them a gift that will act as a lovely keepsake for the remainder of their life together? Our star charts record the exact position of the stars at a specific location in time. All you need to do is choose where and when. 

4. The Feminist. 

Jane Eyre Jewellery 'I Am No Bird...' Inspirational Quote - Book Quote Necklace: £20.95



Jane Eyre. Arugably, one of literature's first feminists; unafraid to speak her mind + refused to conform to societal expectation. This iconic quote makes this unique necklace a brilliant way to celebrate the sisterhood. A testament to independence and free will, the perfect gift for all girls with gumption. 

 5. The Scribbler. 

Suspicions + Observations - Watercolour Blot Writing Notebook : £4.95 

We all know a stationery addict. Someone who can't walk pass a notebook without buying it. (Because you can never have too many, right?) Whether it's for list making, story plans, or recording dreams - they are rarely seen without something to write in. The lovely covers are embossed in a mash-up of watercolour and vintage bookprints, and are sure to capture anyone's imagination. 

6. The Wannabe Spy (The Guy In Your Life). 

Vintage James Bond Mini Library: £25 


Does your dad/brother/boyfriend fancy themselves as a secret agent? The answer is most likely yes. This charming mini library means they can now relive the heyday of MI6's most audacious spy with six vintage editions of these brilliant novels. Certain to bring a smile to anyone wishing their Astra were an Aston Martin. * Books do not include secret listening devices, poisened darts or geiger counters.* 

7. The Little Bookworm. 

'Read Big, Little One' - Scandi Inspired Children's Rainbow Print: £18.00

A child's love of reading often begins at a tender age, offering young minds the chance to discover stories of the past, explore new lands, and glimpse into imagined futures. From The Famous Five, Northern Lights, or A Boy Called It, this gorgeous coloured print is sure to keep them reading, learning, and dreaming. It's a wonderful addition to any burgeoning bookshelf. 

8. Author In Training. 

Pack Of Four Bookish Pencils: £5.95 

This mini pencil collection is a lovely choice for any book lover's stocking. Each pencil is embossed with a different reading-related quote. It is sure to cheer up any school pencil case or office desk. 

 9. The One You Love, Your Other Half, Your Soulmate. 

Pride & Prejudice 'We Seem To Have Been Designed For Each Other' Framed Book Page Art: £19.95.

Very few people can write romance like Jane Austen, and there is a reason why Pride & Prejudice is often seen as the ultimate love story. She shows us that the path of true love may never run smooth, but that there is no earthly bliss like that of finding your match. So embrace your inner Lizzie or Darcy, and let your other half know how you feel. Simple but powerful, this framed book print from iconic novel’s conclusion sums up the exquisite feeling of being with your twin soul.

10. The One Who's Christmas Crazy. 

'A Christmas Carol' By Charles Dickens With Exclusive Foiled Bookishly Cover: £9.95

There are many stages of excitement around the festive season, ranging from begrudging acceptance to Will-Ferrell-as-Elf-type hysteria. We all know someone who embraces the latter roughly around 1st September, so what better way to treat them this December than the world's most famous Christmas novel? This copy of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol has a copper-foiled cover, designed exclusively for Bookishly. A joy not only to read, but also to display among festive decorations, they are sure to be bringing it out year after year.

11. The Young Adventurer. 

Peter Pan By J.M Barrie With Exclusive Bookishly Cover: £7.95 

Haven't we all, at one point or another, dreamt of being Peter Pan? Being able to escape to Neverland and never grow up? This Christmas, share the delight of adventure with the next generation. This copy of J.M Barrie’s wonderful children’s novel features a beautiful cover, exclusive to, and designed by us. Read aloud as a bedtime story, or devoured alone under the covers, this classic tale is sure to delight dreamers young and old. 

12. The Bonkers One. 

Alice In Wonderland 'Entirely Bonkers' Framed Mini Print : £19.95

The sign of a true friend is someone with whom you can be completely and utterly yourself: the one with whom you share private jokes (incomprehensible to the rest of the world), the one who always knows what you’re thinking, the one with whom you can sing Celine Dion out of tune, at the top of your voice, to your cat at 2am. It may seem odd to the rest of the world, but who cares? This print, featuring a very wise quotation from Alice In Wonderland, is a reminder that weird is good. In fact, weird is wonderful. With a unique watercolour blot design, it’s the perfect way to tell your best pal how much you care about them, and to remind them of all the crazy, happy times you’ve shared.

13. The Philosopher. 

Einstein 'Reality Is Merely An Illusion' Quote - Framed Book Page Print: £19.95

Well known fact: Einstein was a genius. And not only when it came to physics. He was also a highly respected philosopher, and a champion of the imagination and literature. This is a classic example of both his intelligence and light-hearted wit, ideal for a serious thinker or dreamer. In tribute to the Nobel prize-winning scientist, it comes printed on a vintage maths textbook, and would be a brilliant addition to a bookcase or desk.

14. The Hopeless Romantic. 

Romantic 'I Love You' Binary Code - Framed Geek Book Page Print : £19.95

Shakespeare’s sonnets are all very well, but for some of us, it’s just not the language of love. If you know someone who prefers html to poetry, why not tell them how you feel with this original Bookishly print. Using binary code, the print spells out the phrase “I love you” alongside a simple, hand-painted heart. Incomprehensible to anyone without a knowledge of computers, it’s a lovely way to show someone how much they are loved, without requiring unnecessary adjectives.    

15. The Culture Vulture. 

Classics & Cuppa - Three Month Book Subscription: £45

For the one who gets through books at a rate of knots, just one novel would never suffice. So how about nine? Bookishly’s brand new subscription package is ideal for the voracious reader - offering three new books each month. Taken from Penguin’s Little Black Classics range, the recipient will receive a random selection of books based round a certain theme each month.There will also be a delicious selection of tea or coffee to enjoy while reading. Ideal for anyone with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge (and caffeine).

16. The Dreamer. 

Shakespeare "As Dream Are Made One" Framed Book Page Print: £19.95 

The Tempest was one of Shakespeare’s last plays, and is regarded by many as one of his best and most personal. This quotation, taken from Prospero’s famous Act IV speech, has sometimes been interpreted as the thoughts of Shakespeare himself, reflecting on illusion of life and theatre. Presented in Bookishly’s classic font, this beautiful line is printed on a vintage page of the Complete Works of Shakespeare: a sophisticated gift for any booklover.

17. The Teacher. 

Einstein Quote 'Supreme Art Of The Teacher' Marble Writing Journal: £13

Whether it's for your child's teacher or a teacher friend or family member, this journal sized notebook makes a beautiful, functional gift. It's chunky with plenty of room for notes, lists, doodles and sketches.

17. The Grown Up Girl. 

 Monochrome Shakespeare 'Go Girl, Seek Happy Nights' Inspirational Quote Print: £16

This beautiful quotation, taken from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, makes an inspiring gift for any girl this Christmas. Whether she’s taking her first steps, starting school or even leaving home, this message will encourage her as she embarks on her next adventure, while reminding her of how much she is loved. This present is suited for heroines of all ages. 

18. The New Grandchild (Or Grandparent!)

Vintage Children's Mini Library: £15. 


There are hundreds of new books out there for children, yet despite this, the works of C.S Lewis, Rudyard Kipling and Enid Blyton are as charming as ever, and continue to delight young readers. A combination of historical fiction and timeless adventure, this collection of children’s fiction includes six, randomly selected titles, all vintage editions. An ideal excuse to reread your childhood favourites, and to share them with the little ones you love. 

19. The New Parents. 

Bear & Cub Personalised Star Chart Print: £37

The perfect way to remember the most magical day of all. Our star chart prints make a wonderful, keepsake gift that will be treasured for it. There's nothing that beats that first Christmas together with your little one. 

20. The Night Owl. 

Coffee + Book Club Subscription: £27

Every bookworm goes through periods of chronic sleep-deprivation, thanks to whichever novel you are chomping your way through. No matter how many times you tell yourself “I will turn off the light early”, “I will not read past midnight” or “just one more page”, you will inevitably find yourself turning up to work the next day baggy-eyed and fuzzy-headed. Because, sometimes, it’s simply impossible to stop. The very least a kindly friend can do is offer them some decent caffeine to help them through it. So this Christmas, why not treat the book-lover in your life to Bookishly’s Coffee and Book Club? Every month, they will receive a lovely vintage book, as well as some delicious ground coffee from Perkulatte to keep them going.

Thanks to our guest blogger, Lucy Rahim, for writing this wonderful gift guide. Lucy is a freelance writer, translator and Shakespeare aficionado. Find her at and @quirkandspoon. 

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