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Bookishly's Hidden Treasures - Part Seven

Bookishly's Hidden Treasures - Part Seven

Welcome to part seven of our favourite ongoing blog series - Hidden Treasures! Every time we get a delivery of vintage books (about one thousand each month), we rummage through them to see what lovely gems we can uncover. Here’s our most recent discoveries. Enjoy!

*   *   *

Hospital Appointment Card


An appointment card from December 1983 to meet Mr. P. Atkins. - a consultant surgeon based in Liverpool. I don’t know about you, but 1983 still seems like it was only twenty years ago. In reality, it’s thirty-five! If anything, this card demonstrates just how far technology has progressed in such a short space of time.

Vintage Train Ticket


A single train ticket valid from Kings Cross to any London Transport station on 20th January. In old money, this ticket cost 8d. If our maths is correct (which it probably isn’t) this works out to about 3p!

List Of Destroyed Aircrafts


Probably written by an individual who had a keen interest in aircraft. This is an entire list of destroyed aircraft from 1970. Divided in to fatal and non fatal. Pretty interesting!

Orchestra Tickets


Ticket to the New Symphony Orchestra at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on 30th June 1981. The Queen Elizabeth Hall still holds various concerts and events today. We’re not sure a ticket would be quite as reasonable (even in relation to the time it was bought) today!

A Letter To Jane



Written from her parents. It reads:

‘Dear Jane, many thanks for your letter. Hope the weather improves for you, it was quite warm here on Saturday but colder yesterday, and it is rainy today. We are going to Nanas & Grandpa’s tonight for supper - picking Aunt Kate up on the way. We are going to get the eggs and the paper for you - then hope it has cleared up by the time we get home and I might do the washing. How do you like golf - do you think you would like to learn - and do you think Daddy and I could manage it. Daddy is just finishing his breakfast so I think that is all the news for now, as we are going down to Henley. Much love, Mummy and Daddy x x x x x’

Letters like this always make you want to find out more of their story; who they were, why they weren’t together, etc!

Postcard From Portugal To Hyde Park Mansions



We often find it difficult to read old handwriting, but we’ll give it our best shot! It reads:

‘Am too ashamed to write - but shall do so soon! David tells us you most kindly fed Shaun and himself to capacity. Can’t wait to hear all your news when D arrives in 10 days. Why not all of you come to HK for xmas - we can somehow all sleep at Beltourne Court. You still know a number of chums here - Gus has suddenly reappeared! Audrey Bird Wilson just left after staying with Stuart: Birdie retiring and has job in Saudi-Arabia with BAC.’

We can’t really make out the rest, something about a friend being exhausted and poorly and going to Singapore for a few days. The writer also expresses her fondness for the Philippines - describing it as ‘v mad’... ’

A super interesting life by the sounds of it, I wonder what led them and their friends down so many different paths!

A Note For Carole

Written in French from a Bernard Bonnemazou. From what we can work out, it’s wishing her a Happy Birthday and general happiness. He also writes in English ‘I kiss you on both…’ We can’t work out the next word, any help would be hugely appreciated! We think it’s said with humour/cheekiness due to the ‘he he’ that follows it!

Advert For Budding Writers

An advert placed inside a book encouraging individuals to pursue their dream of writing. A great way to get an extra income, and very moderate fees for being able to learn how to do it properly!

*  *  *

That’s all of our hidden treasures for the moment. As always, if you have any additional information about these wonderful little gems, then please get in touch with us! Either below, or on our social media @bookishlyuk. Thanks for reading!

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