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Bookishly’s Famous Five: August

Bookishly’s Famous Five: August

Sometimes, shopping can be hard. Serious statement.

We’re not talking about the physical act of shopping, our bank accounts know that that part is all too easy… Thank you, contactless.

It’s knowing what to buy and who to buy it for, that’s where the issue tends to lie. We love giving gifts; making another person happy is always fun. It’s the trawling through endless websites in hope of finding the perfect gift that zaps our motivation.

We all have a loved one who is extra difficult to buy for or a wedding present to buy for a second cousin you haven’t seen in a decade. Let us not forget that upcoming baby shower for the baby who already has everything!

With this in mind, we thought it might be an idea to share with you five of our favourite products from this month. Inspiration is key!  

1. Tea and Book Subscription 

This would make the perfect birthday gift for any dear friend who is a little tricky to buy for. A vintage book, delicious tea and stationery straight to their door each month. We love how different this gift is, its originality is bound to impress!

 2. You Are One The Lights - Book Page Art 

It is often difficult to find a gift that truly represents the gratitude you feel for a loved one. This quote speaks volumes and we absolutely love the sentiment behind it. It is a wonderful way to express your appreciation for a partner, special friend or family member without breaking the bank.

 3. Family Of Foxes -  Star Chart Print 

It’s the detail of this gift that makes it so special. The star chart depicts how the sky and star constellation actually looked at the particular time of your choosing. This gift is perfect for any loved one who has recently welcomed a new addition to their family. It is personalised entirely to your needs.

 4. Greatest Adventure - Journal

The beauty of this gift is that it’s perfect for so many different occasions. Whether it be for a friend in need of a wedding planner or a child who’s off on a new adventure. We love this journal for its practicality, functionality, and looks.

 5. Alice in Wonderland Bookmarks

Bookishly’s most recent additions. These bookmarks would make wonderful finishing touches to any gift. How about creating a gift hamper for a loved one’s birthday? Instead of just one big gift, buy them a selection of smaller, more inexpensive ones and present them in a basket or decorative box!

We hope this little list of gift ideas has been helpful, please do share your thoughts on any of the above. We love to hear them!  

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