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Bookishly's Famous Five - Christmas Edition

Bookishly's Famous Five - Christmas Edition

Christmas shopping is rarely free of stress. Every year I promise to have it all completed by 1st December, to make it as easy as possible. Well, today’s the last day of November and I am yet to start…

Sound familiar?

In effort to help you, my fellow unorganised friends, I’ve compiled a list of five Bookishly products that are the perfect gifts for any book lovers in your life.

Here’s to hoping that it will allow you to tick at least one person off your “to buy for” list!

* * * 

1. ‘May Your Shelves Always Overflow With Books’ - Phone Case

This lovely phone case fits a whole range of different models. The perfect stocking filler.

2. ‘She Is Too Fond Of Books And It Has Turned Her Brain’ - Book Page Art

This brilliant quote by Louisa May Alcott always makes me think of a certain somebody. Who does it make you think of?

3. Coffee And Book Club - Monthly Subscription

Delicious ground coffee and a vintage paperback delivered to straight to the recipient’s door each month. It really is the gift that keeps on giving!

4. Vintage Book Bundles

We have a selection of vintage mini libraries to choose from: James Bond, Agatha Christie, Penguin Books. There is even a vintage children’s mini library for any little book lovers in your life.

5. "Wherever You Go, Go With All Your Heart" - Writing Journal

A lot of us bookworms also love to write, this beautiful journal is the perfect place to jot down any ideas and ingenious thoughts. 

* * *

I hope this list has given you some inspiration! If not, there are plenty more bookish delights over on our website!  


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