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A Few Reasons Why We Love Arthur Weasley. ⚡

A Few Reasons Why We Love Arthur Weasley. ⚡

Arthur Weasley is a wonderful person, there’s no denying it. There are a number of reasons behind our love for him and we want to talk about a few of them in more detail. He deserves nothing less!

1. His generosity...


Despite not having much money of their own, Mr & Mrs Weasley never hesitate to include Harry and Hermione in their family events. From offering them a place to stay and feeding them dinner, to taking them to the Quidditch World Cup.

2. His consideration... 

Mr Weasley is very much aware of the unfair expectations placed on Harry. He does his best to protect him from these. 

3. His fight for equality... 


Mr Weasley whole-heartedly rejects the idea of pure-bloods being superior to others. He's an advocate for equality, from pure-bloods through to muggles. Also, his adoration and fascination of muggle technology is heart-warming. 

4. His unfaltering loyalty...


Loyal to his family, his friends, the cause he believes in... Mr Weasley has never taken the easy route in his fight for what's right and always backs those who deserve to be believed, even when the world tells him not to. 

 5. His quiet bravery... 


Quiet, unassuming but always consistent. Even if it means putting his own life at risk, Mr Weasley shows up to fight against evil again and again. 

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