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# S H A R E T H E J O Y O F B O O K S
# S H A R E T H E J O Y O F B O O K S

Bookishly is launched!

Bookishly is the new name for wall envy art. I’ve been toying with the idea of changing it for a while, as I never felt the old name fit perfectly with the brand that developed from my initial ideas. 

When I finally came up with one I loved (with a little help from my friends) I couldn’t wait to get it in place. 

Bookishly encompasses all the products in my range now that I have expanded further than just wall art. The jewellery, greetings cards and even the map prints will always be book related, and clearly Bookishly made!

One of the things I was most excited about was the URL! I’m a sucker for a cool URL and when I saw that I could use it pretty much sealed the deal on the whole thing. 

The talented Tracey of Nothing But Lovely did a fabulous job on the logo design. She managed to extract what I had in my head and come up with the perfect design. I’ve never had a proper logo before and I love it. 

So I hope you’ll stick with me on the journey, and say a fond farewell to wall envy art!


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