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Free delivery on orders over £20📚

Updates To Our Book Club Subscriptions

UPDATE: I've had contact from support, and they have confirmed that the change from billing on the 1st to billing on the 8th will only take place AFTER the next renewal. This was a misunderstanding on my part, I apologise. So everyone that is due to make the switch will have their product renew and take payment tomorrow (March 1st) at which point it will update to the new system, then when it next renews it will be April 8th. 

Louise - Tuesday 28th Feb 20.26 GMT

Those of you that have subscribed to our Tea and Book Club and Coffee and Book Club subscriptions via or Cratejoy will have had an email letting you know that there have been some changed to the renewal dates, and that there are also some glitches with the changeover, resulting in some subscriptions renewing on the 1st instead of the 8th as we originally said would happen. We really apologise if this causes any issues and will post any updates right here as we get them. 

Louise - Tuesday 28th Feb 11.05am GMT. 

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