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The Hidden Treasures We Find In Our Vintage Books 💖

The Hidden Treasures We Find In Our Vintage Books 💖

If you've been following us for a while it's likely that you'll be familiar with our hidden treasures blog series, where we share with you all the little gems we find tucked away in our vintage books. Here's our latest selection! ✨

We found the sweetest lovenote and couple's photograph inside this vintage Snoopy. These are always our favourite things to find - a little window to the past! It reads 'Darling, Please be my sweetheart and dearest one forever and ever! All my love... (Guess who!)

This advert we found in one of our vintage Penguins. Book lovers and fans of mid-century furniture, take a look at the Penguin Donkey Mark 2. 😍 Dreamy.

We found this little note tucked away inside Virginia Woolf's A Room Of One's Own. We've tried our hardest to figure out what it says but we're struggling a little! Any help is always appreciated! 

This note passed between colleagues made us laugh. A lot. We'd LOVE to know the backstory to this one! Who is C.F?

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