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The Best Audiobooks to Listen to This Summer

The Best Audiobooks to Listen to This Summer

We’re sure we’re not alone when we say that these last few months have seen us experience a pendulum swing of emotions; one moment we’re feeling motivated and driven, the next we’re not wanting to do anything at all - yep, even reading. 

When we’ve found ourselves in said reading slump (and general life slump at that) we’ve found audiobooks to be a great help. From quieting down our brains before sleep to listening to a chapter whilst we take a walk in the fresh air, it requires minimum effort yet provides us with some invaluable escapism for a little while. 

Here are some of the audiobooks that we (and many others) have been loving these last few months, as well as some new releases too… 

Humankind: A Hopeful History - Rutger Bregman

Humankind explores a revolutionary new argument: we should all live our lives believing in the good of people.

Backed up by revisiting famous studies and events, Rutger Bregman suggests that reframing our worldview with this new altruistic perspective and belief in human kindness might just be our best shot of achieving true change and progress within our society. 

Invisible Girl - Lisa Jewell

Saffyre Maddox has a life filled with secrets, a childhood swamped in trauma, and a heart broken by the man she had hoped was going to heal her. Unable to move on from the split she spends her time watching said man, hidden in the shadows - invisible - learning about his life and finding out his secrets 

Owen Pick is invisible too. A bit of a loner: no girlfriend, no friends - a little ‘odd’ by society’s standards. Unnoticed and ignored by the world around him. 

That’s until Saffyre goes missing from opposite his home… 

Suddenly he finds his every move scrutinised. Accused of being responsible for her disappearance. After all, he looks the type… Right? 

Mum Life - Louise Pentland

Louise Pentland shares her parenting journey and the ways in which past and present life events have shaped her role as a mother to two young girls. 

An honest, emotional, funny account that will undoubtedly help other mums feel seen, validated, and most importantly,  less alone. 

Midnight Sun - Stephenie Meyer

For those of you who weren’t Twihards all those years ago, this book is a retelling of the young adult bestseller Twilight. This time around it’s told from Edward’s perspective instead of Bella’s. Listen, it’s trashy, but sometimes you have to set aside your inner book critic, indulge in the teen angst and embrace the easy listening.

If you’re after a bit of nostalgic escapism, this one’s for you. 

Dear NHS: 100 Stories to Say Thank You - Adam Kay

A collection of stories from well known faces (or voices) sharing their gratitude for and experiences with the NHS. Powerful and heartwarming, this selection of honest, real life accounts were compiled and edited by Adam Kay, author of the bestselling and brilliant This Is Going to Hurt. 

A great listen that helps keep things in perspective, and a reminder of how lucky we are to have the NHS now more than ever. 

Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race - Reni Eddo-Lodge

A super important listen and great way to start (or continue) your education about white privilege and the systemic racism that occurs in Britain. .

Listen to an in-depth discussion about what it’s like to be a person of colour in society and learn about the justified frustration felt when discussions of race and racism continue to be shut down by those who aren’t affected by it.

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