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The 2019 Yearly Round Up

The 2019 Yearly Round Up

How are we already doing our annual yearly round up?! 😬 Despite how quick the year has gone, 2019  has certainly been memorable. Here are a few highlights!

New Products

As always, we’ve spent the year creating products that help you live your best bookish life! Here are a few of our favourite new additions from the past year. 


Existing products have grown in popularity too; our clothing range continues to grow and we look forward to expanding the collection in the new year. 

Tenth Birthday 

We celebrated our tenth anniversary with a bookish tea party back in June. It was so much fun and a lovely way to mark such a big milestone - it was great to look back on how the business has grown to be what it is now. There was also a lot of cake which is never a bad thing. 

Website Redesign

We redesigned our entire website to make it more cohesive and easier to navigate. We’re really proud of it and hope you guys have found it to be a huge improvement. We’re always up for hearing your thoughts! Send an email to with comments and suggestions. 


Bookstagram Community 

One of our favourite parts of running a business inspired by literature (apart from reading aaaaall the books) is being a part of the #bookstagram community. We’ve worked with some wonderful members of the community this year to bring giveaways, reviews and more. We can’t wait to do more of that next year. 


Thanks for your ongoing support this year. We’re really excited for what the new decade has to offer and look forward to improving, creating and designing with you guys in mind. We hope 2020 is great for you as well. 😊

Happy New Year! 

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