Literature's Inspirational Females

Literature's Inspirational Females

Never underestimate the power of fiction.

Over the years literature has provided us with a lot of kick-ass characters; characters who inspire us and motivate us to better ourselves as individuals.

Male, female, animal, even inanimate objects. The list of characters we deem ‘kick-ass’ is long, way too long for just one blog post. Bearing this in mind, we thought it best to start with our top ten favourite female characters, (which actually proved quite the challenge itself!)

So in no particular order and without further ado,

1. Elizabeth Bennet

Book: Pride and Prejudice

The protagonist in Jane Austen’s literary classic, we admire Lizzie Bennet for so many reasons. If we were to choose just three of her personality traits to demonstrate why we love her, they would be her intelligence, quick wit, and how head-strong she is.

2. Molly Weasley

Book: Harry Potter Series

Mother to Ron and a maternal figure to so many others, Molly Weasley is quite frankly amazing. She is strong, selfless and fiercely protective of her loved ones; a winning combination in our eyes.

3. Jo March

Book: Little Women

The principal character and the second oldest sister to her siblings Meg, Beth and Amy in Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel. Jo’s bravery, passion and caring nature is inspiring.

4. Jane Eyre

Book: Jane Eyre

The central character of Charlotte Bronte’s brilliant novel. We admire Jane’s integrity and the way she overcomes adversity whilst remaining true to her beliefs and self-worth. Her character traits teach an important lesson.

5. Anne Shirley

Book: Anne Of Green Gables

The main subject of L.M Montgomery’s renowned novel, Anne’s sense of optimism, resilience and her rich imagination is admirable. Despite her many flaws, she is relatable to all ages - both adults and children alike.

6. Scout Finch

Book: To Kill A Mockingbird

The narrator of Harper Lee’s hugely successful classic, Scout (Jean Louise) Finch has a number of admirable qualities - even as a child. A few of our favourites are her honesty, boldness and her willingness to learn, discover and accept.

7. Hermione Granger

Book: Harry Potter Series

The best friend of Harry Potter in JK Rowling’s world famous book series. Hermione possesses a lot of wonderful characteristics. Perhaps the three most admirable are her fierce loyalty, her bravery and intelligence. It’s cool to be smart.

8. Arya Stark

Book: A Game Of Thrones

One of many central characters to George R.R Martin’s Game Of Thrones Series. Arya is admirable for a number of reasons but we mostly that she is adventurous, non-judgemental, and independent. She rejects those restricting societal norms to become willful and independent.

9. Eponine

Book: Les Miserables

Eponine is one of the many characters in Victor Hugo’s Les Miserable. She has had a tough life and experienced many hardships in her short time. This has taught her resilience and a wiseness that far surpasses her years. Her courageousness is also admirable. She has defied the life that factors beyond her control had seemingly set out for her.

10. Bathsheba Everdene

Book: Far From The Madding Crowd

Thomas Hardy created a character who, despite her many complexities, was adored by many. In many ways, her complexities are part of her charm. Bathsheba is real and relatable. She is head-strong and feisty with a brilliant wit. A character with a number of inspiring qualities.


What did you think of our list? Do you agree? Disagree? As always, we’d love to know so leave a comment or come chat to us over on our social media!

Thanks for reading.


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