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Supporting Small Businesses Right up to the Line!

Supporting Small Businesses Right up to the Line!

Have you seen the videos online of the Royal Mail sorting offices so full that the vans can't unload? 2020 has been a weird year for sure. 

By shopping with a small online business like us you are helping us to thrive and keep our staff in employment into the new year and the unknown of 2021. Thank you! 

It does look like some of your parcels aren't going to arrive in time for Christmas though. Realistically the Royal Mail are stretched to the max and beyond, and although it seems to really vary, some post is taking a LOT longer than usual. If we were to send out replacements on ALL the parcels that haven't made it to their destination at this stage that would really hurt us. And they wouldn't be guaranteed to arrive in time anyway. 

I was inspired by this post on Instagram from @prettybyher to create a printable sheet that you can give to your loved one while you wait for your post to arrive. You should be proud that you chose to support a small business, and that your order is also contributing to keeping our friends in the delivery services in work too.


Here's the wording of the printout:

You lucky thing!

You have the MOST excellent friends

You have a gift from Bookishly on the way to you.

Your loved one knew you would want to support small businesses this year more than ever, and they knew that you wouldn’t mind if your gift arrives a little bit late because 2020 is a crazy year for our hard working delivery services. 

Thank you for ‘shopping small’ and helping our business survive and thrive. 

If you have your own small business please feel free to use our wording. I've even created a blank version of the .pdf that so can add your own details. The font is Futura if you want it to match! 

Download the Bookishly version here.

Download the blank version here. 

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