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Our New Crate - The Plays of Oscar Wilde

Our New Crate - The Plays of Oscar Wilde

“We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars.” 

To celebrate the launch of our new The Plays of Oscar Wilde crate, we wanted to point you in the direction of our blog post that was written late last year, discussing the wonderful writer himself. We talk about Wilde being his most authentic self and why that deserves to be celebrated. We also share some of his most thought provoking quotes. 

Now for the crate! We’ll start with the cover reveal -  just in case there are some of you who haven’t seen it yet. We love the simplicity of this one.


Like always our bi-monthly book box subscription will be filled with literary inspired goodies, each themed around the crate’s story. There’ll be books (obviously), tea, stationery, art and more. This month’s surprise item is a good one too! 

Our crate is just one of the many items featured in our self care collection; a range of gifts that encourage you (or loved ones if you’re gift giving) to be a little kinder to yourself. Sometimes a good book and hot cuppa can work wonders in lifting spirits. If you’d like to see more of our self care collection then you can do so by clicking here.

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