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Our Five Favourite Roald Dahl Characters

Our Five Favourite Roald Dahl Characters

"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."


13th September celebrates Roald Dahl's birthday and with that, all of his brilliant stories. A blog post is the least we could do to help mark such an occasion!

If there's one thing that sets Roald Dahl apart from other children's authors, it's his imagination. The creator of so many wonderful worlds alongside a number of fantastic characters.

We thought we'd share our five favourite characters with you, although if we had the time we could easily list fifteen or twenty!  


Matilda Wormwood


Curious, bright with an unwavering moral compass. Matilda soon learns that she needs to embrace her differences, for it is these that make her special. Matilda always remains true to herself and fights for what is right, with a little touch of mischief thrown in for good measure! 


The Witches

Brave, formidable and a fierce protector of her grandson. Dahl had a knack for creating extreme characters, from the grusome and the ghastly to the 'perfect' - those characters who make us as the reader feel safe and secure. 


Danny, The Champion of the World

Danny is resourceful, brave and loyal to name just a few great qualities, but what we love most about him (and this book in general) is the relationship he has with his father. It's so lovely to read about a father and son whose bond is built on love, adventure and respect.  

Mr Fox

Fantastic Mr Fox

Mr Fox is cunning, daring, kind and sometimes a little over confident. What we love most about this protagonist is his genius-level intellect and how he uses it (most of the time) to help those who need it! It's fun to read about the ways he gets himself out of the tricky situations he inevitably finds himself in!



Not just our favourite character but Roald Dahl's too! The BFG isn't like the other giants, he spends his time catching good dreams and storing them to later share with sleeping children. He's kind, compassionate, gentle-hearted and the sole speaker of his beautiful 'gobblefunk' language.  

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