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Five Fictional Best Friends

Five Fictional Best Friends

Imagine for a moment that the characters from your favourite books are real people, that they are your friends.

You’re able to invite them round your house to eat cake and watch Great British Bake Off with you. You can drop them a text and meet them down the pub for a quick drink and a catch up. Maybe they’re the friend you call when you’ve had a bad day, you’re feeling sorry for yourself and you need somebody to offer you a little perspective.

We’ve chosen five characters who we would love to be best friends with - quite the task when there are so many brilliant options to choose from, but a realistic representation of actual life. Most people don’t have a huge number of best friends. (Yes, we do get the irony of us trying to be realistic whilst discussing the fictional friends we’d like to have).

1. Sirius Black - Harry Potter

First of all, he’s a wizard - a really good wizard. He’s a bit of an underdog, he’s understated. His loyalty is undoubtable; he’d not only always look out for you but for your friends and family too. Also, he’s an animagus - he can change, at will, into a dog!

2. Anne Shirley - Anne of Green Gables

Anne would definitely be the friend who you’d find yourself getting into trouble with, but fun trouble. The kind where you get the giggles in a situation where you really shouldn’t be laughing or where you’d go for a glass of wine and end up having five. On a more serious note, she’s fiercely passionate about those she cares about; she’d stand your corner.

3. Peter Pan 

Sometimes all you want to do is forget your responsibilities and escape the daily routine. Peter would be the reminder that there’s more to life than the day to day slog. It’s good to act like a kid sometimes, it’s good for the soul. Plus, he can fly and he has his own fairy who can make you fly too.

4. Elizabeth Bennet - Pride and Prejudice

A friend who would both challenge and push you intellectually. It’s good to have somebody who encourages you to open your mind to other points of view. She’s sharp, witty and would definitely help us become the best versions of ourselves - that’s such an important factor in any friendship.

5. Aslan - Chronicles of Narnia

He may be a lion, but he does talks and he talks a lot of sense too. He’s incredibly wise and would give you the best advice. Everybody needs a friend who will tell you exactly how it is. Aslan has a great moral compass so he would always point you in the right direction of which way to go (excuse the pun!).

That’s our list completed! Which characters would you choose and why?

Thanks for reading! X

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