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Friends At Bespoke Verse

Friends At Bespoke Verse

We love words. As J.K Rowling so wonderfully wrote, ‘words... are the most inexhaustible source of magic we have.’

We love words regardless of their format; novels, screenplays, song lyrics or poetry to name a few. The right words, in the right order, and most importantly at the right time, have the ability to create an immense impact.

Bearing this in mind, you can see why we love this wonderful poem from our clever friend Jo Miller at Bespoke Verse. Written for the book lovers among us, it pretty much describes our lives here at Bookishly HQ.

On Mondays I am lost for ages

In the new best seller’s pages

Tuesday night is all too fleeting

At my lively book group meeting

Wednesday, there may be some friction

Unless I read some Science Fiction

Thursdays, it just has to be

Short stories or biography

On Friday over lunch and dinner

I’m buried in a Booker winner

Saturdays are perfect days

For reading poetry and plays

And Sundays, how the hours dwindle

When I’m busy on my Kindle!

Bespoke Verse offer lots of incredible poems, many of which can be personalised entirely to your wants and needs. Find them at

Louise was lucky enough to receive two poems written especially for her and Mr Bookishly by Jo.

Happy National Poetry Day Birthday to Louise Verity…

Happy Birthday to a rarity

A bookish, baby-growing Verity

A batty pal beyond compare-ity

Who never demonstrates temerity

And makes cool things with great dexterity.

And also…

As always, thanks to you for reading and also a big thank you to the very talented Jo and her wonderful team at Bespoke Verse.

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