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Literary Anniversary: Emily Brontë

Literary Anniversary: Emily Brontë

This month we’re celebrating the birth of the lady who gave us Catherine and Heathcliff - Emily Brontë.

Born on 30th July 1818, Emily grew up alongside her two sisters, Charlotte and Anne… Maybe, possibly, you might have heard of them? The three sisters were all keen and talented writers, though each of their literary debuts encountered varying levels of success.

Believe it or not, Emily’s only novel and now timeless classic Wuthering Heights was published in 1847 and greeted with a generally negative reception. The Victorians regarded it as both highly immoral and uncivilised, with the story deeply opposing their traditional view of how literature should be. Sadly, Emily Brontë died in 1848 believing her novel was a failure.

On a brighter note, and as we all know, Wuthering Heights quickly went on to gain a significant amount of critical acclaim. For many, many years it has been regarded as an integral part of literature as we know it.

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Have a little look below for some more inspiration and temptation:




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