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June's Bookishly Crate

June's Bookishly Crate

The beginning of each month makes the launch of our latest crate. All of our crates are designed and created with book lovers in mind. However with Father’s Day coming up in the next few weeks, we wanted to make this a crate that your lovely dad would enjoy too. It’s also a pretty lovely (and unique) alternative to your standard Father’s Day gifts. This month’s crate is themed around the fantastic ‘Moby Dick’.



Here’s a list of what you can find inside of this month’s crate! If you’d like it to be a surprise, then look no further. The contents of the crate have been exclusively designed by us, and each of the quotes have been taken from the book itself.


- Moby Dick by Herman Melville

- Limited Edition Framed Book Page Print

- Writing Journal

- Bookmark

- Bookish Pencil

- Packet of Perk-U-Latte Coffee

- Leaflet With Book Club Discussion Notes 


We hope you’re excited as we are for this month’s crate. If you’d love to get your hands on one of our limited numbers, then head here to find out more. Alternatively, if you’re after a unique Father’s Day gift, either for your lovely dad or as a gift from your little one to your other half, then click here to shop our entire Father’s Day collection.

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