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Hidden Treasures - Part Twelve!

Hidden Treasures - Part Twelve!

It's that time again! We've had our latest batch of vintage books through, and with them came the delightful little treasures hidden inside. We've picked a few of our favourites to share with you. As always with this series, we love hearing your feedback and comments on what we uncover!

1. Bookmark.

The best bookmark of all time. Bronwen, we feel you! 'THIS IS MY BOOKMARK, SO DON'T!!! REMOVE IT. PLEASE'

2. Get Well Soon / Thinking Of You Gift.

A book is the perfect 'get well soon' present, as it makes the time spent resting and recouperating far more enjoyable. We also loved the sweet note inside:

'Maybe you've had enough of doctors and want to be at large yourself. No matter, Ann. If Winter come can Spring be far behind. All our love, Jane.'

3. Paint Sample Leaflet.

A little obsessed with the retro-vintage feel of this sample leaflet and the lovely colours inside it.

4. Diamond Ring Advertisements

One of our favourite things about our vintage books are the beautiful, old advertisements we find on the back or inside cover. How lovely is this advert for engagement rings?!

5. School Note Between Friends

Our favourite hidden treasure of the lot. A note passed between school friends, given the reference to the 'popular' song at the time - we would date this around 1983!

Dear Lauren,

I thought that I would write this note to cheer you up. There's not much news to catch up on except for Kevin's had his and Maidstone won 6-0 in the hockey yesterday, so let's hope they do well today. 

Sorry that my writing is bad, but this is Michael's pen and it's crap! 

I'll be watching the hockey again at lunch, we have to win this match, to win over-all so keep your fingers crossed.

My stars said that I'll be having a lucky week so that cheered me up. I've forgotten what yours were. Have you heard the song 'The Boxer Beat'? Well if you haven't you must because it's really great and it will cheer you up! This weeks has been really boring and so has this letter! You've got tons of work to catch up on but don't let it troubt you. I got 9.5 for my gingerbread - not bad aye!

If you are better at the weekend give me a ring. Once again sorry about the writing but I am writing this in form time and Tracey's having a fit with Geoff on the table!

See you soon! 

Love Penny X 

PS. Blob-a-dob! LMYC etc etc. 


Hope you enjoyed! Until next time, 

Team Bookishly X

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