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Hidden Treasures - Part Thirteen

Hidden Treasures - Part Thirteen

It’s that time again... Here's the latest batch of hidden treasures that we’ve recently uncovered within the pages of our vintage books this month! As always, we’d love to know what you think - any additional info about our treasures is always gratefully received.


1. Butlins Advert. 



An advert encouraging the younger generation to holiday at Butlins. We have to say it’s pretty persuasive! ‘Nowhere else could you dance each day to such famous bands, see greater entertainment stars or enjoy better facilities for every kind of sport and amusement without paying one penny extra…. I am planning to make the coming season my best and biggest ever - for everyone. Leave your holiday to me and i promise you’ll be glad you did.’ The advert message is even  signed’ by Billy Butlin!


2. Avon Order Slip.



This order slip from Avon dates back fifty years! An order for soaps, cream, and talc coming to a grand total of £2.10. 


3. Hotel Guest Information Leaflet. 



An information slip for Miss Lea staying at the Grand Hotel, Cape Town.


4. Football Tips Token.


A cross marketing campaign with PG Tips. This particular token is No. 35 Dummying and features footballer Michael Channon - it must date back to the 1970s. Here’s a snippet of what it says.


Mike Channon darts in to meet the ball as it arrives in front of goal. The big No. 5 defender sees Channon about to take the ball in his stride and begins to move to his right to cut off Channon’s route to goal. But Channon is feinting: instead of pushing the ball forward he instead steps over it, letting the pass from the wing go straight through to an England team mate who shoots immediately during the split second during which the defenders including the goalkeeper are still poised to meet the thrust from Channon.


Go on, Michael.


5. Photograph Postcard.



A cool, vintage postcard featuring a photograph of skiers in Andermatt, Switzerland.




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