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Hidden Treasures - Part Ten!

Hidden Treasures - Part Ten!

 The tenth part of our hidden treasures series! There’s nothing we love more than uncovering these lovely snippets of the past in our vintage books. Here's our latest selection:


Handmade Greeting Card

On first glance, this handmade card somewhat resembles a letter of ill intention… Though the note itself is simply between two friends catching up!

Dear Anne,

Thanks for card and address. How’s the husband, do i know him? Everyone seems to be married or divorced - not me, all fallen through thank goodness! Am now at Regional College Art Manchester (Industrial Design). Hate the north, what are you doing besides obvious? Lousy weather here but wonderful summer in Italy and Yugoslavia. Have you read the cards from Italy, saw Anne has and can’t think only of you. Life is good to me in all ways but goes far too quickly. Shall come and see you in Bristol as i pass that way en route to Manchester.

Drop me a line in the meantime. Are you any better (calmer now?!)

Sorry Graham (for what?)

Family Christening Photo

A Mum and Dad at their baby’s christening. (Don’t worry, the Dad’s only cutting the cake!) We’d take a guess at this photograph dating back to the late 1980s. As always, we’d love to reunite the photographs we find with their rightful owners, so any information you may have would be very appreciated.

One Direction Ticket

This one made us laugh, because the ticket itself looks so dated - in reality it’s from a 2012 One Direction concert. You wouldn’t pay those cheap prices now!

Mother’s Day Gift

An adorable gift from two little boys to their mum back in 1961. The book itself is called ‘A Lamp Is Heavy’ and it’s by Sheila Mackay Russell. The little gift note reads:

“To Mummy, with lots of love from Anthony and Gordon. - Mother’s Day 1961.”

Bank Statement

A bank statement for two ladies, the dates back two 1954. How beautiful is that old stamp?!


That’s all of our hidden treasures for this time. If you loved reading it, there’s nine more parts to this series that you can find over on the rest of our blog. What’s the best thing you’ve found in a book?

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