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Hidden Treasures - Part Nine

Hidden Treasures - Part Nine

We’ve uncovered more beautiful little treasures hidden inside our vintage books! We absolutely love doing this series, and know that you guys enjoy it too. Here’s our most recent selection.


Vintage Book Subscription

This was a particularly lovely find. The reason we sort through thousands of vintage books each month, is for our book club subscription parcels. So, to find a treasure offering an actual book subscription service from over sixty years ago was amazing to us - the love people have for reading, and books in general, is timeless.

Family Photograph

Those chubby cheeks! Unfortunately this photograph isn’t dated, but we’d guess from the clothes that this was taken in the early sixties? Let us know if you have a more accurate estimate. It’s of a mum and her two little boys, enjoying the sunshine together. As always, we would love to reunite the photographs we find with their rightful owners. It’s amazing just how many people left photos in books!

Transport Catering Receipt

This is a receipt for food and drink given on a train journey. Aside from its appearance, we’re safe to assume that this was from many, many years ago as passengers were able to buy and smoke cigars on the train. This particular receipt is for a cup of tea or coffee. Always a good choice in our eyes.

Business Invitation

An early piece of marketing! This is from a furniture company inviting customers to come and view their range of furnishings. Fun fact, the company ‘Meenan + Co’ still exist! They’re based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Boarding Pass

A boarding pass from many moons ago. It states ‘on arrival at Heathrow, please go up the escalator and through the door marked ‘departures’ to the departure lounge.’ If only it was that simple now!

Postcard To Grandparents

These postcards are from a young lady named Bev to her grandparents who live in swansea, dating back to 1971. She’s keeping them updated about the latest goings on from her holiday. They read:

Dear Gran and Grandpa,

I’m writing this in Biarritz where we’ve been since Saturday. The weather was great when we got here but it’s started to rain now so we may head south into the sun after this week. Paul’s got one hell of a hangover after getting high on the local plank (?).

Anyway, bye for now, love Bev

Dear Gran and Grandpa,

Well since I last wrote to you we’ve driven 800 miles across spain into portugal to a place called Figuero Da Foz, which is a great place if only it wasn’t raining. The camp site is tremendous with an enormous swimming pool, tennis courts, restaurant, bar etc. All for less than 2 euro a night. Anyway we’re heading south soon so maybe that will improve the weather. All the best for now, Bev.


We hope you enjoyed this edition, which hidden treasure do you like seeing the most of?

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