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Hidden Treasures - Part Eight

Hidden Treasures - Part Eight

Here is our most recent selection of hidden treasures! Discovering these little gems is one of our favourite things to do! If you enjoy this blog post, there are seven more in this series for you to read through and look at.  

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School Achievement Certificate

This particular year seven student received a commendation from his school for an ‘excellent gym routine’. Dating back to 1996 - it doesn’t seem that long ago, but it’s actually been  over twenty years!

Prudential  Plan Advertisement

A company advertising their ‘Heritage Endowment Plan’ which will provide £4 a week or £2600 all at once, when the individual turns 60 years old.

Holiday Postcard From 1988

A postcard written by a daughter, to her parents. Judging from the photograph and the message, it was taken in Wensleydale, Yorkshire. The house pictured is from ‘All Creatures Great + Small’. The full message reads:

Hiya Mum and Dad,

The house by the person is Skeldale House, as in All Creatures Great + Small. Also found the water splash and the road of the closing credits. Weather dryish, drizzle occasionally, and heavy mist at Fleet Moss - the highest bit of tarmac in Yorkshire. 1295 ft above sea level. Probably be back Sat, will ring when I’m back. Hope Zara and Tasha are behaving themselves.

Sheilagh and Andrew

Sunday Times Book Voucher

A voucher for a book of choice for J.P Musker. The front of the voucher has a particularly lovely quote about reading for you book lovers out there.

'Let your bookcases and your shelves be your gardens and your pleasure grounds. Pluck the fruit that grows therein, gather the roses, the spices and the myrrh.'

Sick Note From 1962

A sick note from a Mr Errington to ‘The Supervisor’ which dates back fifty five years. It reads:

The Supervisor,

I regret my absence from duty on Monday July 9th due to a bilious attack. My duty was from 8.45 - 5.15.

J.M Errington.

Thank You Letter To A Friend

This is a letter from a lady to her two friends, thanking them for letting her stay with them both. It reads:

(?) = unreadable

Dearest Reg and Robert,

This isn’t really only a thank you letter for the weekend, because I know you enjoy having me as much as I enjoy coming (oh, the conceit of it!) But just for the very fact of you being there and know that you are there and will always be somewhere for me to come if I need it, it’s very comforting. Anyway it was lovely seeing you and being with you and so relaxing - it’s more relaxing to be with you thank anyone else I know - home included. I’m sorry Ii came (enjoy it though you may have!!!) at just the moment I did when you might otherwise have been (?) dusting something or even painting?! But it was lovely. And we were really rather lucky weather wise - it’s been unbelievably foul down here all week since I left you.

Back to (?) tomorrow - and see you there very soon. A big hug to Peter and Natalie each and very (?) love to you both, Anne.

*    *    *

What’s the best treasure you’ve found in an old, vintage book?
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