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Frameishly and Copper Boom

Frameishly and Copper Boom

There’s a lot to think about when running a small creative business, and product photography is a big one. Producing professional photographs that showcase your products in the best possible way is no mean feat. That’s why we want to tell you about our talented friends at Copper Boom and even more excitingly, our little collaboration with them!

Jenny (Copper Boom Boss) was after some frames for her new collection of stock images, they look a little something like this...

So lovely, right?! Simultaneously to this frame hunt, we were busy preparing for the launch of Frameishly (a jokey name at first, but now we kind of love it) - our new, wholesale frame offering. It made sense to work together. Now, Copper Boom have a full sample collection of all the frame colours, sizes and mounts that they keep in their studio.

The idea is that any small business owners now only need to send over their prints to be photographed, as opposed to a frame too. Furthermore, if they’re in a bit of a rush (which happens to the best of us!) then they can purchase the existing stock images and drop their print designs in themselves on their favourite editing software. Simple as that!

This is our favourite part. If people really love how their prints look with the frames, which could very well happen with Copper Boom’s amazing photograph, then we can help you out. In fact, we’d be more than happy to! Head over to the Frameishly section of our website,  (under the wholesale tab),  to see the different framing options we offer. Our frames are high quality and the price is great for small business too! We’re really flexible: if there’s something specific you’re after, simply drop us an email. Maybe you’re too busy to frame? We’ve got you covered there as well - we offer a print-frame-ship option!

We hope that between the both of us, Bookishly and Copper Boom, we’re giving fellow small business owners one less thing to think about! In the meantime, keep being your brilliant, hard-working, multi-tasking, creative selves!

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