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Everything You Need to Know About The Bookishly Classic Book Crate

Everything You Need to Know About The Bookishly Classic Book Crate

We’ve got some news about The Bookishly Classic Book Crate - our book box subscription - that we’d love to share! First up we want to talk about the launch of our new crate, themed around Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations. Here’s a look at the front cover, which was inspired by the following passage from the book…

Certain wintry branches of candles on the high chimney-piece faintly lighted the chamber, or, it would be more expressive to say, faintly troubled its darkness. It was spacious, and I dare say had once been handsome, but every discernible thing in it was covered with dust and mould, and dropping to pieces. The most prominent object was a table with a long tablecloth spread on it, as if a feast had been in preparation when the house and the clocks stopped all together. An epergne or centre-piece of some kind was in the middle of this cloth; it was so heavily overhung with cobwebs that its form was quite indistinguishable; and, as I looked along the yellow expanse out of which I remember its seeming to grow, like a black fungus, I saw speckle-legged spiders with blotchy bodies run home to it, and running out from it, as if some circumstance of the greatest public importance had just transpired in the spider community. 

We also wanted to let you know that the schedule of our crate has now changed from monthly to bi-monthly. This means we’ll now be sending out and launching a crate every other month. For example, our Great Expectations crate launched 21st Jan and will remain on sale for two months until it ships around 20th March. We’ll then launch our next crate and so on.

Altering the schedule enables us to continue using the top titles whilst creating the best product possible! It also means that we can dedicate a little more time to designing brand new items based on the products that you love best. 

As always, the crate will be filled with literary themed goodies! If you haven’t received one of our crates before then you should check out our Past Crate Gallery - it gives you a list of what was inside each of our boxes so far, along with a photograph of the contents from some of our customers. If unboxing videos are more you’re thing then we’ve linked them too! We’ve worked really hard to curate each box and it’s nice to finally have some examples all in one place for our customers to see first hand. 

Talking of past crates, we thought we’d update you with what’s available in our past crate shop at the moment - it’s always changing! Our anniversary crates have now sold out. Anne of Green Gables sold out within a couple of days and Jane Eyre within a couple of weeks. We have around five crates left for The Little Prince and Emma (which we’ll be putting online once all of our crates have arrived safely with our customers). We have a small number left of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Romeo and Juliet, which is the only crate currently available in our flash sale listing meaning you can save twenty percent. 

It seemed fitting to finish this blog with a few of our favourite quotes from Great Expectations, the usual way in which we celebrate the launch of a new crate. Here goes!


If you’d like to get your hands on our Great Expectations crate then you can do so right here! We really hope you love it. :) 

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