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Brilliant Podcasts for Readers and Book Lovers

Brilliant Podcasts for Readers and Book Lovers

Let’s talk about podcasts! 

Perfect listening for long drives, walks, workouts, cooking, relaxing… You get the idea! With such a huge number of them out there, albeit the quality of some a little questionable, there’s a niche to suit every type of listener - including us bookworms. 

Figuring out what’s worth listening to first is often the trickiest part. Perhaps you’re an aficionado of classic literature, or maybe you love to indulge in the slightly trashy but ever so readable young adult novels? (We’re with you on both of those!) We’ve carried out some research to help you see what’s out there and more importantly, what to listen to.


Hosts Carissa and Jason offer their listeners fun and modern retellings of classic literature. This podcast is perfect for fans of classic lit who are looking for new ways to enjoy their favourite books. It’s also great for those individuals whose enjoyment for classics was tainted by the school curriculum, but are interested to see what the hype is all about.


If you’re passionate about YA then this one’s for you. Hosts Eric and Kelly tell you everything you need to know about the world of Young Adult in a digestible, informative way. From exciting new releases and film adaptations through to their own personal recommendations and wider issues within the genre itself - you name it, they talk about it!


Questionable writing, unlikeable characters, weird plot...Ever wonder how a book became such a huge bestseller? Podcast hosts Renata and Kate spend each episode talking about a different book that somehow gained a lot of popular attention. Yep, Twilight is on that list. Don’t worry about your literary tastes being called out, it’s all lighthearted fun (for the most part)! 


Podcast hosts Mollie and Dani discuss books spanning across a number of different genres that were written by black women. Not only do they spend time dissecting the book in question, they chat extensively about the author who created it too. A great podcast filled with interesting discussions, a lot of laughter and a glass of wine or two for good measure. 


A popular podcast that sees hosts John and Andy (along with their guest) convincing listeners to give an old (sometimes obscure) book another chance. Each episode focuses on a different book, with their fun and passionate discussions aiming to demonstrate just why that particular piece of literature has withstood the test of time. 


Science fiction and fantasy fans, this one’s for you! Join hosts Sharifah and Jenn as they discuss the latest news and book releases, along with recommendations for the extensive number of books that are already available for you to dive straight into. 


This podcast teaches you to never judge a book by its genre. Join host Sarah as she discusses everything you need to know about the romance genre. From book recommendations, interviews with authors and industry professionals, through to discussions about the wider issues concerning the romance world. Witty, lighthearted and educational - the perfect mix. 


A podcast with books and cocktails at its centre is a podcast worth listening to. If you’re after a fun and easy listen that still satisfies your inner bookworm then this one’s for you. Join hosts Christopher and Drew as they talk books, drink cocktails (themed ones we should add), and interview authors. 

Got some more recommendations? We’d love to hear about them! 

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C Senior - October 23, 2020

Can’t believe Daisy Buchanan’s You’re Booked isn’t on here! It’s a great window into how the writers and other people we love have been shaped by what they’ve read throughout their lives.

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