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# S H A R E T H E J O Y O F B O O K S
# S H A R E T H E J O Y O F B O O K S
Bookishly's Hidden Treasures - Part Five

Bookishly's Hidden Treasures - Part Five

We’ve found more hidden treasures! Have a look at the most recent additions to our lovely collection. Let us know your favourite. 

* * *


A cheque issued in 1975 which appears to have been paid to the local post office through Barclay’s bank. The cheque was found with this letter from North West Gas. It’s a final notice warning, telling the customer that their gas will be cut off if they fail to pay their bill. The overleaf of the letter is addressed to Merseyside and is dated 12th March 1975. The gentleman has been asked to pay a grand total of £2.84!


This looks like a note you’d pin up to the notice board in your local shop. It’s unsure as to when this advert was written. At a guess, I would say around 1970. From what we can gather, it’s a mother asking for a nurse to care for her two year old child, presumably while she is out at work. It reads: “Wanted, a temporary nurse to take charge of two year old child, afternoons only.” Unfortunately, we can’t work out what the address says! Any help would be appreciated!


This postcard and bookmark were found in separate books but we photographed them together because they are both so, so pretty. Unfortunately, the information surrounding the two is pretty limited!


A train timetable for all services from Maldon to Witham (and vice versa), between 18th June and 9th September 1962. So cool! Even then, it was an exceptionally short journey - only ten minutes. We’ve had a quick search online and it seems that Maldon train station no longer exists!


How fitting that we found a phone number, written in lipstick, at the back of this vintage James Bond book! We absolutely loved that. The front cover is also pretty cool to look at. We’d love to have known the background story to this particular treasure!


This postcard is dated 27th March 1960! It was sent from Denmark to an address in Ireland. From what we can make out, it reads:

Darlings! I have had some wonderful days in a marvellous [?] . My hotel close to the sea. Wonderful [?]. We have visited today, shopped a little china, looked at nice exhibitions and the life in city. [?] I’ll go to [?] for some days. I longed very much to see you as always. Hope you both are well and that you not working too hard. We are very lucky to get such wonderful weather today a little too windy.”

* * *

Hope you loved this edition of our hidden treasures series! We’ll be back soon with a few more little gems for your enjoyment!

Watch this space. X

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Georgia - November 30, 2016

I love these! I reckon the job advert says ‘New Milton Advertiser’ so perhaps it is instructions for an advert to be placed in a paper on June 5th?

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