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Famous Five: Housewarming Edition

Famous Five: Housewarming Edition

For one reason or another, shopping for housewarming gifts can sometimes be quite difficult. It can often feel like your favourite new home owners seem to have everything they need already. Maybe you actually had a fantastic gift idea but somebody else has beaten you to it? There’s been a number of times when we’ve spotted something really lovely but haven’t got it because it’s a bit in your face when you haven’t seen their colour scheme. Perhaps you’re just fed up of opting for the safe choice of candles, coasters, flowers etc? (Though there’s definitely nothing wrong with any of those!)

If any of the above apply to you then we can help. Maybe they don’t apply to you, but you’re after some new goodies for your own home? Either way, we hope that these five goodies will help you get you on your way.


You don’t need to break the bank in order to congratulate a friend on their big move. This lovely card is sentiment enough to send on your best wishes. We think it’s a pretty great card, especially for the book lover in your life.


We don’t know about you but one of our favourite ways to catch up with friends is to go round one another’s houses, drink lots of tea and eat even more cake. (If it’s super sunny, then we may also be partial to a cocktail or five). We chose this lovely quote because we thought that a lot of you could relate to it!


This may not be your first choice of gift for the earlier months of the year, but we can guarantee that this present definitely ticks the ‘different to the usual gifts’ box. This star chart is 100% accurate and will show how the sky looked over their home at that exact moment. We think that is a pretty special present.


We included this wonderful print because we thought that it may be you who’s just moved into your new home. Perhaps you and your partner have made that next step? We thought this was a lovely way for you and your loved one to commemorate this special moment forever.

. 5.

This print is perfect to buy as a housewarming gift for a friend or for yourself. It’s nice to have a sentiment displayed on the wall that reflects how you want your loved ones to feel when they’re at your home. Maybe you want to gift it to a sibling or a best friend as a reminder that you deem it acceptable to always turn up unannounced ;). That’s what friends are for right?!

We hope you loved this edition of our famous five. Do let us know which one is your favourite gift, we always enjoy hearing from you all. As always, a big thank you for reading.

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