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Bookishly: What's New?

Bookishly: What's New?

We’ve been incredibly busy developing fresh and exciting products for you guys, our fellow book lovers, to enjoy. We hope you find them both fun and useful, and that you love them as much as we do.


1. ‘Always Try To Be A Little Kinder Than Is Necessary’ - Framed Book Page Print

We wanted to start 2017 with positivity and kindness. We found this lovely print from J.M Barrie and had to put it on one of our framed book pages. It’s such a wonderful sentiment. :)

2. Book Lover Pencil Pack

This set of four bookish pencils make a lovely gift for any book loving, stationery hauling friend. (Sound familiar?) Every order for one of our pencil packs receives one of our bookmarks for free. Who doesn’t love a literary treat?

3. The Bookishly Crate

A wonderful gift for your favourite book lover or well deserved treat for you. Our crates are limited edition and are filled to the brim with literary goodies. Each month is themed around a particular book. February’s is based on Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray.’

4. Blind Date With A Book

A limited edition product to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Relationship or single, it’s a fun alternative to a card and who doesn’t love cosying up with a good book. You even get to tell us what your dream type is - what genre you like reading best ;)

5. Teacher Bookmark Bundle

A while ago we had a teacher request a bundle of bookmarks to give as rewards for when her pupil’s produced great work. We loved this idea and massively value the importance of education, which is why we’re offering such a good price. Not a teacher? This random selection of 30 bookmarks are great ideas for book circles, gift bags and so much more!


That’s everything for this time, but watch this space. There’s a lot of great stuff in the pipeline. We’ll keep you updated! We’d also love to hear from you guys, what would you love to see us create and develop?

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