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Bookishly Famous Five - What's New?

Bookishly Famous Five - What's New?

One of the most exciting parts of being a small, creative business is designing and developing products that we know you guys will love. Here’s the latest batch of our recent additions with a sneak peek of what’s to come in the very near future.



We’ve recently brought our foiling in house, which we’re super happy about! This means three very exciting things for you guys. Firstly, we’re now able to offer our prints at a lower price, saving you over twenty pounds. Second, our prints are now available in both a smaller and larger size. Finally, we’ve been able to add two new prints to our foil range, including a rose gold option!

Here’s what youtuber Gabriella Lindley had to say about her print, star chart chat begins at 6 minutes 30! Make sure you check out the rest of her videos too whilst you’re over there - we love them!


Bookishly began with our signature framed book page prints, and whilst they’re still a firm favourite amongst you all, we thought it would be a cool idea to take some of our most popular quotes and present them in an entirely different format. Our watercolour blot range was launched quite recently, and a lot of you seem to really love it, so it made sense to combine the two! Our watercolour quote prints are available in a range of sizes, framed or unframed. Here's a couple of our faves! 



This year we launched The Bookishly Crate, a literary box filled with goodies and themed around a particular book each month. Although a lot of you loved the crate, a lot of you wanted the opportunity to purchase the books, featuring our exclusive covers, by themselves. So, we made those numerous requests a reality. You can now grab three books of your choice for £18.



In the real world, Christmas is still a little while off yet, but in the retail world, Christmas is right around the corner! We’ve been busy creating, designing, and preparing the launch of a number of different and exciting products for you to enjoy and gift to your favourite people in these next few months. Although we can’t tell you too much right now, here’s a little teaser of what you can expect...

Any ideas on what these could be? Let us know your thoughts, and make sure you're following us on our social media @BookishlyUK for all the latest information on product launches! 

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