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Bookishly, Betsy Benn, + Bookstagram

Bookishly, Betsy Benn, + Bookstagram

There are many wonderful parts of running a small, creative business. One of them being the sense of community; a community surrounding two things in particular. The first is the huge number of amazing, supportive people you meet who run businesses similar to your own. More often than not, they face the same obstacles and successes that you do - and they're there to encourage, celebrate (and sometimes vent to) every step of the way. 

The second community we love being a part of, is the #bookstagram community over on IG; a huge group of people who love literature, words, and books just as much as we do. Amazing, right? It seemed logical to combine the two... 

And so, the idea of the Bookishly, Betsy Benn, and Bookstagram collaboration was born. Betsy Benn is another small, creative business who create beautiful + bespoke products. Their tag line is 'a design for every story.'  

Together, we teamed up with a few of our favourite #bookstagrammers to essentially show off a couple of our products that we thought the #bookstagram community would enjoy at this time of year. They're a talented bunch, who take the most beautiful photographs, so if you love anything bookish like we do, make sure you go and check out their pages. Here's what we sent over... 

 A big thank you to @booksfemme, @thebookranter, @herpaperadventure,, @lifeandliterature, @_halfbl00dprincess. Make sure you go and check them out!




We'd love to know what you guys think! And be sure to check out everyone mentioned - that would be really lovely :).  

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