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Click here to read our latest production update.
Click here to read our latest production update.
An update.

An update.

June 2020 update

We are shipping out orders every weekday. The Royal Mail are a little slow and the couriers are sometimes too but in general things are running smoothly. Our clothing orders are taking a little longer than usual. 

We are finding that orders to the USA particularly are taking 4-5 weeks on occasion. If you think it's taking too long please get in touch. It's not a tracked service but we find it to be very reliable. They are arriving eventually!

We have a reduced team in the workshop working separately. We have some staff supporting those people from home. 

We have set up a system where the team never share the same desk or work station, they have plenty of cleaning products and hand sanitizer and they will be very careful. As long as they are well it'll be business as usual as far as our orders are concerned. Occasionally a particular product takes longer than usual if the person with the skills to make that thing isn’t in the workshop for a few days. In order to stay separate we are staggering who is in. 

The rest of the team will be at home. That's easier for some that is it for others, but with the help of the government and the support of our amazing customers who keep buying, I'm hoping that we can keep everyone in employment in some way or another. 

We know that what we sell is hardly essential. We don't have pasta or beans or paracetamol. But we have a little pick me up for a friend who is feeling lonely. We have a birthday present for someone you can't see in person (let us write the card for you!). We have a token gift for your friend whose wedding has been postponed. We have that classic book you always thought you'd read but never had the time. 

Your support means the world to us. Thank you. Stay safe and much love to you all.

Louise and Team Bookishly

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Suzanne Brisband - April 9, 2020

I have just recrived my first book as a birthday gift from my daughter. I was feeling fed up as I knew I wouldnt be able to see her and then the book arrived. It was absolutely perfectly timed. Looking forward to a bit of escapism at this dreadful time and the surprise of the next book. Keep up the good work you may not think you are essential but you really are providing a much needed pick me up for us.

Thankyou so much stay

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