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The Dinner Party Of Dreams

The Dinner Party Of Dreams

Are you ready to read about the best dinner party of all time? Well, get ready. It’s happening...

If we’re honest, we can’t believe we haven’t written this post sooner. It combines two of our most favourite things: books and food. You can’t go wrong!

We wanted to dream up a dinner party which had all of our favourite fictional characters as guests. We had a few in mind but we asked our friends over on facebook for some further suggestions and we weren’t disappointed! A big thanks to everybody who contributed their ideas, we loved them all. We managed to compile a list of some of our favourites (a difficult task but we only had limited seats at our imaginary table). In the end, we selected those characters who we thought would either complement or contrast against one another. 

1. Aslan - The Chronicles of Narnia

He would definitely be at the head of the table. Could you imagine his table manners? We’d just sit there in awe of how wise he is.

2. Jo March - Little Women

She’d hold her own in the company of such powerful personalities. Her outspoken and passionate nature would definitely add to the atmosphere of the evening - in a positive way!

3. Elizabeth Bennet - Pride and Prejudice

Her intelligence and quick wit would ensure the conversation stays pacey and interesting. She and Jo March would make the most brilliant tag team. They’ll definitely be next to each other on the seating plan.

4. Bridget Jones - Bridget Jones’ Diary

Can you imagine the conversation between Bridget, Lizzie Bennet and Jo March? That would be quite something. Bridget would definitely make us feel better about missing our mouths completely and spilling gravy down our tops. (That would so happen).

5. Roland Deschain - The Dark Tower Series

He would have some really great stories to tell and he’d be brilliant to speak to one to one. It’s nice to have a mix of personalities!

6. Professor Dumbledore - Harry Potter Series

Mostly because he’s the greatest wizard of all time and we have so, so many questions we’d love to ask him. But also, just imagine the chat between him and Aslan.

7. The BFG 

Let’s just assume that he can fit at the table with no issues. We’d love to share a dinner with a character so friendly, caring and so full of good intentions. Also, he’s a giant. How cool is that?

8. Mr Darcy - Pride and Prejudice

We’d just like to witness his and Elizabeth’s relationship first hand. He’s quite the gentlemen and would definitely be in his element at a dinner party such as this. We suppose it might also be quite nice to sit directly opposite him...

9. Nanny Ogg - Discworld Series

You could seat Nanny Ogg next to anybody and she would fit in brilliantly. She has the ability to get on with anyone. We'd love to sit down with her, Aslan and Dumbledore and just ask them for general life advice - all our worries would quickly be washed away! (She's partial to a few beverages too... Which is never a bad thing!) 

10. Count Dracula

After a feed and on his best behaviour of course. Well, he’s a vampire (which is really quite the icebreaker) so he’d be great to talk and listen to. It’s interesting to have such a contrasting personality to the likes of Dumbledore and Aslan. We’d love to see how that conversation pans out.

11. Matilda

Well firstly, she’d make passing the salt down such a long table a lot easier. And she loves books as much as we do. Imagine the book chat...

12.  Scout Finch - To Kill A Mockingbird

We would definitely seat Scout between Matilda and the BFG. No doubt, the three of them would form a lifelong friendship. Scout would adore being in company of such huge personalities, imagine how much she would learn!

That’s our list complete! We’d have loved to have created a dream three-course menu too but thought we’d leave that to your imagination!

As always, thanks for reading and let us know your thoughts, we love to hear them!


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